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Started up in 2014 in Louisiana, then offered policies in Texas, Illinois, and grew to all 50 states.
What made me popular was the ease of applying and getting people approved!

Professional Recommendations

"Because my bottom line is to get yo insured when you contact me, I make my effort that you leave me with a policy or I refer you to someone that can if I am not able too. At the end of the day it is about taking care of the consumers, not the insurance companies."

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"First, you contact me and tell me how I can help, then we talk so I can get my own questions answered that I created to make underwriting easier. From there we apply or schedule a day that is more suitable for you."

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Policy Features

Whole life insurance builds cash value, meaning it builds equity so you can borrow from later in emergencies or use it to pay your premiums.
Permanent Protection that never changes!

Term Life

High benefit & low premium for those life situations where you have debt other financial interest to protect and burial expenses.

Health Insurance

Cover what you have worked for and what you are getting now. If this is more important to you then let's talke about that.

Children policies

I offer the most competitive policies for children, and getting approved is easy. They are the future, so let's protect that too.

Final Expenses

Affordable and simplified issue policies that stay locked in, and garaunteed to never change because your health does.

Home and Auto

Policies with the most trusted carriers and the most competitive rates, also with business lines as well..

Vision and Dental

With carriers accepted everywhere and no worry about being out of network. Choose your type of plan, most people prefer PPO.


Contact Me

Tell me how I can help and what you need.



We view over your situations and find the right plan for you.


Apply & Underwriting

I make recommendations on the underwriting life insurance company because of familarity.


Policy Issued

A policy gets sent to you, sometimes emailed within 24-72 hours.

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First Day Coverage

Available for those who qualify and fit the criteria
you can get covered the same day!

Why Wait Any Longer?

Get approved today and start the protection now, don't make your family wait any longer.

Meet The Agency

The one behind it all and the last one you will ever need to meet again
protected generations of families and was there to hand over the check in the time of need..

Our Products

We Offer all lines of insurance

Experienced in Life, health, property and casualty with multiple carriers to get a quote from.

Steven Allen

Web Developer

Web Designer for responsive and natural flowing pages, and nice appearance for consumers.

Stephen Brooks

Senior Agent

Retired US Army Veteran that currently help families find the right policy. Just another way that dedication never stops.

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Insurance Quotes

Get Permanent Coverage for low month rates! It is estimated that 3.5 million will save money on my plans.
From each other, let's refer family members as well and those you care about most...

Low monthly

Whole Life

  • Permanent Coverage
  • For the whole family
  • Cash Build Policies
  • Use money for college
  • Easy to be approved
Save monthly

Term Life

  • Protect Your Mortgage
  • Cover All your assets
  • Leave behind a financial gift
  • No Medical exams for simple issue
  • Medical Exams for low rate
Fixed monthly


  • Money to cover cremations
  • Money for funerals
  • Cash build policy
  • Sameday Coverage
  • Fast Issue

Happy Clients

We thanks for all our awesome testimonials! There are hundreds of our happy customers!
Keep the numbers growing and make it global!

First you make contact with me, we discuss your needs, then you apply with me over the phone, forms through email, or in person if in the area.
I actually do that for you, I ask questions to work on your approval, so we only apply for the plant hat will get you approved to save you money and time.
Getting approved for whole or term can be done within moments, typically 17 to 45 minutes. Policy department works on bulding your policy, then gets mailed out to you after your payment is received.
If you apply for low premium and require underwriting, then it may take 4 to 6 weeks due to bloodwork, and other underwriting requirements, then waiting for a response from the doctor or the applicant as well.

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