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Stephen Brooks
Lawton, Ok USA
NPN 17357373

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"6yrs of dedication and sales support, he has earned his place with SNL. He cares for his clients
and ensures their families for protection in their time of need. He earned a bachelor degree in
social sciences, has a family of 3, served in the Army for 17 years, and represents what agents can do."

What I Can Offer For You

Final Expense Insurance

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An affordable and convenient way to manage finances for the end of life. Even if you have fully prepared, this insurance provides a safety net for unanticipated items, allowing you to tell your loved ones “It is all taken care of.” The unavoidable reality is that life ends. Funerals and memorial services can seem like extravagant ceremonies, however in truth they are crucial for your loved ones’ healing. They give the opportunity for closure, a chance to grieve, and a way to find understanding and meaning in a painful time.

Preneed Insurance

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Your funeral is an expression of your life and a gift to the friends and family you leave behind.
A funeral can be costly and difficult to arrange for grieving family members. Pre-planning your funeral with a preneed insurance policy takes care of all the decision making ahead of time, along with the financial burden. A preneed insurance policy is placed with a local funeral home, so your cost is locked in at today’s rates. Proper planning for your final wishes is more than wise; it is a thoughtful decision to help your family during a difficult time of loss.

Who I Represent

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Security National is a publicly traded company. Our financials are open to the public, giving you the transparency to see our financial foundation. We’ve been in business for over 50 years and we plan on being in business well over 50 more. Take a look at our stock information here. Security National was named one of the Top Places to Work for three years running.

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SNL was the first funeral insurance company to offer an app for your phone. Our exclusive new SNL Calc (Apple) and SNL Calc (Android) are designed to work with Apple products and Android devices, simplifying the sales process, further helping the families you serve. At Security National Life, we actively seek for new ways to improve your experience with the insurance process.

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